(NE)(7-30-2020) Motorist-assist volunteer killed in roadside crash on JFK Freeway

(NE) OMAHA* -* 70-year-old motorist-assist volunteer killed in roadside crash on JFK Freeway

A volunteer with the motorist assist program died in a crash on Highway 75 Thursday afternoon.

The incident happened near Chandler Road.

The victim was identified as John Holcomb, 70. Holcomb volunteered with the program since 2014.

According to the Nebraska State Patrol, Holcomb was moving debris when a vehicle hit him.

Troopers said Holcomb spent thousands of hours helping drivers.

"John was out there helping us help you, help the public, clear the roadways, be a safety beacon for those people who may be broken down or help move debris off the roadway and we extend our sincere condolences to the family for that and thank John for his services," Tim Weander, District Engineer for the Nebraska Department of Transportation said.

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